No Drugs

Dr. Sands Says
First of all, let's emphasize the fact that CMO is not a conventional product. It is not a cortisone or other steroid. It is not some kind of pain reliever. CMO is a natural immunomodulator. There's never been anything like it before for the treatment of arthritis (or hardly anything else for that matter). It was discovered by a researcher employed at the U.S. Government National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the early 1970's, and only recently brought to light. It has the unique ability to act against the cause of arthritis - normalizing the response of your own immune system. Its abilities are so profound it may well revolutionize the way all autoimmune ailments will be treated in the future.

Cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate is the scientific biochemical name. CMO is the commercial name. It is a perfectly natural substance found in several common animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, beavers, mice, and whales. As supplied in capsules, CMO is a highly purified and refined waxy ester prepared for oral administration. It is wholly derived from certain natural fatty bovine (beef) tissue from American cows.

Mrs. T.M., age 81, of California sent us a great photo of her smiling beautifully after taking CMO. She had suffered since 1982 with extremely severe pain in her back, shoulder, and knee. She also suffered from sciatica because of a herniated spinal disk [which results in pressure on the sciatic nerve from the inflammation]. She tried various arthritis medications and devices, and though some of them helped, as she put it, "nothing lasted." Her chiropractor couldn't help. She tried Prednisone, Orudis pills, Cortisone creams, BenGay, EMU rub ($56.00 a jar), Capzasin [capsicum] rub, vibrators, heat massage, papain shots, laser treatments, and chelation therapy. None were of any lasting help. Some slowly helped take the pain away by bedtime, "but it was back full blast when I'd wake up." A battery operated device called Alpha Stim ($2600 for three) helped a little.

"However, I was in terrible pain all the time - couldn't sleep. Pain was present always. The pain was severe ... worst in the mornings. Full joint movement was difficult ... affected with knobby lumps. Knee and hands affected with swelling." She took CMO in March 1997 and later in August she reported, "I improved suddenly. The first day there was no pain with CMO. The pain never came back - it's been five months now. I took DHEA and aloe vera plus all the things listed that would help. I got complete freedom from pain ... the very next day after starting the capsules the pain left for good. It's a wonderful blessed relief ..."

She can now walk up and down stairs and inclines, work in her garden, and exercise on her peddler again without pain. "Even after CMO I walk slowly, sometimes unsteadily, and sometimes shuffle a little. But there's no more pain. Dr. Sands was such a big help. Three times when in doubt my husband called and he told us what we should do. [Though other things helped] only CMO gave me 100% relief."