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Dr. Len Sands

The world lost a great man on September 5, 2001. His contribution to medicine in the autoimmune field is documented in this book. Dr. Sands started a medical revolution with the discovery of CMO that cures arthritis and many other autoimmune diseases. New research on CMO has continued since his death and its applications have grown as well as its availability around the world. His discoveries live on as the foundation for future medical treatments that will help millions cure diseases previously though incurable.

Dr. Sands began his direct active participation in clinical matters in 1970 as an associate of the Manhattan Fifth Avenue Clinic in New York City. Within four years he opened and became director, as well as owner, of six medical clinics of his own as well as acquiring Southland General Hospital in Texas. Later he opened two clinics in Mexico. Consequently, he also became involved in medical research projects concerning autoimmune diseases, viral diseases, diabetes and cancer. His final venture was the San Diego Clinic, which is noted for the discovery of research involving cetylmyristoleate that led to his development of CMO.

His own tragedies drove him to travel the world in search of innovative therapies. His first wife was stricken with cancer and Dr. Sands was relentless in uncovering every possible treatment and cure that might help her. When traditional medicine failed her, he turned to non-traditional therapies. Sadly, his discoveries would not come until later when it was to late. Fortunately Dr. Sand’s tragic loss did not end his search for medical breakthroughs.

Dr. Sands later remarried and describes in this book the pain his own bone-grinding arthritis caused him while traveling with his new family. He explored many unconventional as well as documented therapies in various Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Oceanic countries. His continued efforts uncovered some amazing research that had been done years earlier and seemed viable for further study and applications regarding arthritis. This research resulted in the world’s first true immunomodulator; a naturally occurring substance that scientists suspect may impact the course of medical history. It certainly is changing the way autoimmune diseases will be treated in the future.

Dr. Sands’ mission to "cure the incurable" continues although the original San Diego Clinic he founded is closed. His work with arthritis, cancer and autoimmune disease has created a foundation upon which future discoveries will be built. At the time of this publication medical studies on the benefits of CMO continue by universities and medical researchers around the world. Arthritis sufferers continue to benefit from the expanding CMO distribution network and cancer patients benefit from his development of the NeoSpringer Vaccine. Dr. Sands has truly left his mark on the future of medicine… These are all part of the legacy that Dr. Sands has given to us.

-Thank you Dr. Sands.-