About Cure

How does the arthritic process start?

TIME magazine gives this elegantly simple answer: "The problem starts when, for reasons no one fully understands, a few misguided T-cells incite other immune system cells called macrophages to attack the joints."

Those so-called "misguided T-cells" are actually what are known as memory T-cells. In the arthritic process (whether rheumatoid, osteo, or other) these memory T-cells develop an internal program, just like some sort of computer, which commands macrophage cells to attack and destroy cartilage. This destructive process results in the inflammation of the joints that is so typical in people afflicted with the disease.

Why does it keep getting worse?

In the case of arthritis, once macrophages have dealt with some particles of cartilage they develop a chemical message thatís passed on to the memory T-cells. If thereís only one message of that type, the memory T-cells ignore it, but if that message is repeated then they develop a program instructing more and more macrophages to dispose of the cartilage. Unfortunately, that message doesnít (or maybe canít) distinguish between healthy or unhealthy cartilage. So the destructive onslaught against your joints begins...

...In either case, rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, it results in a vicious cycle. As more macrophages bring back messages to the memory T-cells, more and more T-cells develop programs that direct attacks against the cartilage and arthritis continues to get progressively worse. You almost never hear of arthritis getting better. Now youíve learned why.

CMO is an adaptogenic immunomodulator

From our work we have found that only CMO has corrective and restorative immunomodulatory properties for autoimmune diseases. Other so-called "immunomodulators" do not. They function primarily as immunosuppressants or immunostimulants. They are capable of only one principal action, either suppressing or stimulating immune function.

CMO, on the other hand, corrects autoimmune programs within the memory T-cells themselves rather than just temporarily suppressing or stimulating immune system activities. That is why a single CMO therapy program can correct memory T-cell faults without any need to continually apply the therapy or use any additional medication of any kind.

Isnít there some way to stop this destructive autoimmune system process?

Now what if you could get in there and somehow intervene or interrupt that vicious chain of events? Shouldnít that halt the arthritic process, stopping it dead in its tracks? Absolutely - regardless of whether itís rheumatoid or osteoarthritis! However, there are no conventional pharmaceuticals that can safely alter the process that is causing the attacks against your cartilage. Nevertheless, quite fortunately, Mother Nature has provided one...

Fortunately thereís no need to wait for help. Decades ago a researcher employed at the US National Institutes of Health discovered a substance that does all that the most advanced researchers today dare hope to accomplish - and more! The modern evolution of that substance is called CMO. And yes, it does interrupt the cycle of events and put a halt to the arthritic process with no harmful side effects. Furthermore, reports over the years indicate the benefits seem to be permanent. And itís a product derived from purely natural sources. (Mother Nature triumphs again!).