No Doctors

Mr. DL, Doncaster, England.

"... my doctors could offer only antioxidents and cortisone, and nothing else, I was told the condition was degenerative and that the only hope was a hip replacement operation, to which I agreed and awaited at my local hospital."

"I took the [CMO] capsules more in hope than in confidence in their effectiveness, but after ten days, I felt and indeed deep down inside I knew something very wonderful was happening. After thirty days I had taken my last capsule, and I went to Filey on the East coast in a party of four, and much to my surprise I walked a mile on the sands and on the uneven slippery seaweed covered rocks. After resting on a large rock for 20 minutes I walked back, frequently on a most uneven undulating path."

"I was truly amazed. Although tired when I got back to my car, and I was glad to sit down again. I knew one thing CMO had worked for me!!. I felt cured of the dreaded arthritic condition. I felt like a new man."

"The only thing I can say to Dr. Sands and his team of assistants is THANK YOU. I only wish every sufferer could have access to these wonderful CMO, and the sooner the better. For the first time in seven years, I am now pain free."

"When I kept an appointment with a consultant at my local hospital, I told him I was pain free, and he was amazed, and asked me all about CMO. I was pleased to share what I knew with him. And he told me, because I was now pain free, I did not now qualify for a hip operation. How wonderful."

Mrs. R.R. of Michigan, age 41, writes:
"... My doctor said it was degenerative arthritis and fibromyalgia and that there was nothing she could do."

"I was deeply concerned, my grandmother was incapacitated at age 28 with rheumatoid arthritis. And there I was with a new baby and five other children to look after. How was I ever going to cope?"

"The pace and degree I was degenerating brought concerns of where I would be in a short period of time. Day by day my fingers were developing growths. My thumbs were extremely painful. My knees, hands and ankles were locking up in growing pain. I was losing the fine motor skills I needed to tend to my family. I dreaded walking. It took me a half hour just to screw up the courage to get out of bed, and I avoided the stairs as much as possible. When I finally did tackle them, I held on to the walls for support."

"My husband worked full time, tended to the children, household chores and laundry. My older children bathed and changed the new baby. The younger children fetched the diapers."

"I also had a sudden twenty pound weight gain after the birth of the baby, which also aggravated my condition. I went to an internist and a rheumatologist with a professional physical therapist. They told me there was nothing they could do to halt the relentless progress of the disease. Except put me on an exercise program, painkillers and steroids. My only hope was to pray and believe in God for a miracle."

"By definition, fibromyalgia often produces insupportable pain, stiffness, and weakness of many important muscles throughout the entire body, plus other symptoms similar to chronic fatigue syndrome as well. For me, the constant pain and the unknown direction of my future tended to bring thoughts of depression."

"Then I happened to hear this radio program - Mark Scott interviewing a medical researcher [Dr. Sands] on WXYT in Detroit. They were talking about an amazing new immunological approach to reversing arthritis - with possible benefits for fibromyalgia as well. Something totally new called CMO, a natural immunomodulator."

"I got excited! Was this too good to be true or was it an answer to my prayers? I decided I had everything to gain since my alternative looked so bleak."

"How can I express the joy I now feel, heedlessly scrambling around on the floor with my new baby, or sitting cross-legged and bent over to play - completely free of pain. Yes, free of pain for the first time in eight long months! And I began to feel the difference in just six days."

"Now that I've finished the bottle, my knees don't lock up anymore, my thumbs don't ache, and all my joints move freely and are free of pain. But, you know, one of the greatest benefits of all is to know I can have a quality pain-free life rather than a future racked with pain and plagued with arthritis and fibromyalgia."

"Only if you have been faced with that yourself can you ever know what a relief it can possibly be. My prayer is to see others set free from their crippling pain and difficult existence." [Editor's note: Now, nine months later, Mrs. RR is still enjoying all the same benefits from her one bottle of CMO capsules.]"