Millions Cured

Since the first printing, Dr Sands' story has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Korean and Chinese and has been released in several different editions. From humble beginnings with only several thousand patients as reference, Dr. Sands' story of his discovery and his arthritis treatment using CMO went on to cure arthritis in millions of people around the world.

The CMO arthritis cure has been introduced to 45 countries. With worldwide recognition, acceptance and distribution, many countries actively use it as the leading alternative treatment for arthritis. Because of the overwhelming international response to this natural arthritis treatment that cures arthritis in 30 or less, doctors, universities and researchers around the world have conducted extensive clinical trials and compiled a vast body of data. This data shows that over 79% of the millions of people who have taken CMO have had 70% to 100% improvement in joint mobility with corresponding reduction of pain and inflammation. From groups as few as 20 to massive studies of 9,000, studies have been conducted in:

A Message from the Author

In the few years since my first CMO book was published I have seen CMO become an international phenomenon. It is now available on every continent of the world and it has made a tremendous impact on millions of people who had been suffering from arthritis. The joy this brings to my heart is immeasurable.... - Dr. Len Sands