Do It Yourself

7 Steps to Cure Arthritis in 30 Days

I am often asked what the best method is and how long it takes to cure arthritis with CMO. There are so many effective protocols patients find it confusing. Everyone’s immune system is different and each case of arthritis is at a different state of progression. This book is called The 30 Day Arthritis Cure because a 70% majority achieve maximum benefits with two 60 capsule bottles taken over a period of 30 days at the rate of 4 capsules daily, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. The remaining 9% of the 79% that respond to CMO often take a third bottle.

Even though dosage studies show that 50% respond fully with just one bottle, the book wasn’t called The 15 Day Arthritis Cure because it would only be true half the time. Because of those dosage studies I recommended the new 60 capsule per bottle configuration.

However you plan to take it, the effects of CMO are cumulative and all protocols work. That is why my writings in this book have been so non-specific. However, from all we have learned, there is a protocol that balances effort and effectiveness very well. I recommend it as the best method to use CMO. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to cure arthritis using CMO... [The book gives a 7 step set of instructions on how to cure arthritis using CMO.]

Future Applications of CMO

I have spent much of my life curing the incurable and I am not alone in my efforts. CMO, like penicillin, has a wide range of applications and is making breakthroughs that will one day become common practice. CMO will become as common as penicillin for use in autoimmune diseases eventually. It is a historic discovery with an ever expanding base of medical and health care applications. For now, I hope it helps those with the diseases covered in this book and that many other books soon follow regarding other diseases and uses for this amazing discovery.