Clinically Proven

In this book, there are complete study details from Dr. Sands' study as well as summaries from all 9 studies conducted around the world. Following are some brief excerpts taken from two chapters.

Brief Excerpts From Chapter Eight (starting on page 117)

Clinically Proven: A Summary of the SDC Clinical Study

CMO was administered orally in the form of 385mg capsules each morning and evening. The number of capsules and duration of treatment varied for each group of subjects. Subjects were advised to take capsules on an empty stomach with water only; and to...

Within three days of treatment six subjects in the group reported a 30% to 50% decrease in pain and 20% to 30% increase in joint mobility, and three subjects reported little change. Within seven days five subjects reported a 70% to 90% decrease in pain and 70% to 80% increase in joint mobility. Three subjects reported to be totally free of pain with almost complete return of joint mobility and marked improvement in joint deformation. One patient reported no perceptible change...

By the end of the treatment period all but two subjects reported to be 90% free of pain with return of 70% to 100% mobility. The fused hip joint remained fused, of course, but with a return of over 70% mobility in other joints the subject felt hip surgery now to be worth consideration. The one non-responsive subject proved to have cirrhosis of the liver, which may have been the reason for...

Note: This is the first ever human clinical study conducted, and it was done using only authentic CMO. We have seen promotional literature for other products referring to our study as if it applied to their products. It does not. Any such claim is fraudulent.

Brief Excerpts From Appendix A (starting on page 207)

Current Clinical Studies:Up to the Minute Information Since 1st Printing

Since the discovery of CMO and Dr. Sandsí first medical study, several other doctors, universities and researchers have conducted extensive clinical trials and compiled a vast body of data. From groups as few as 20 to massive studies of 9,000 a great deal has been learned. This chapter will make you familiar with the latest clinical studies that have become available since Dr. Sands first wrote this book.

Clinical study - Beijing, China

July 2004 - October 2004
CMO plus MSM (30 capsules)
20 patients (20 patients OA osteoarthritis)
Results: 75% effective OA

Clinical study - Shanghai, China

April 2001- August 2001
7 hospitals in Shanghai area
CMO plus sea cucumber extract (30 capsules)
120 patients, (30 patients RA rheumatoid arthritis, 90 patients OA)
Results 80% effective

Clinical study - Guangzhou, China

November 2000 - March 2001
CMO plus sea cucumber extract (30 capsules)
54 patients (25 patients RA, 29 patients OA)
Results: 70% effective RA
Results: 90% effective OA

Dr. Sands worked hard to create a custom formula for the Chinese market that met the needs of both the consumers and marketers. As you can see by the study results, he succeeded in creating a very effective CMO formula named...

Double blind clinical study - Seoul, Korea

May 2002 - February 2003
Seoul University study
80 patients (80 RA)
CMO plus glucosamine (60 capsules)
Results 80% effective

Empirical results from this double blind study show a high success ratio of 80% in curing rheumatoid arthritis. The summary and comments about this study are written by a very notable Korean doctor. These impressive results and its notable constituents have inspired widespread use in the Korean market where this CMO formula is named...

Clinical study - Oklahoma, United States

February 1999 - August 1999
McDade Foundation (Dr. McDade, Director)
21 patients
CMO standard formula (60 capsules)
Results 95% effective

Dr. Larry McDade was the first to use...